We Provide Results, Not Excuses

Anyone can write a press release. We can write them better than most people, but who really cares? That’s not public relations. Your goal is to influence people who can make a difference for your business. That’s what we do. Yankee Public Relations provides results, not excuses.

Telling Your Story

Our philosophy is that every organization, large or small, has a story to tell the public that can positively impact its bottom line and its future. We ensure that our clients are perfectly positioned to seize all opportunities to enhance and protect their image. Most people don’t realize what opportunities exist for their company because they are too close to the business on a daily basis. That’s why you need Yankee PR.

Your Reputation,

Your Most Valuable Asset

Public relations is most effective for companies and organizations who realize that its reputation is its most important asset. We identify the opportunities to enhance your reputation and have the expertise to capture the recognition you deserve. Yankee Public Relations is committed to building your brand, your reputation, which will always be the key to building the bottom line.


Bridgewater Public Relations

Bridgewater Public Relations

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